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Infusive Solutions empowers companies in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to fill vacancies and build teams that manage infrastructure environments and complete large-scale upgrades and migrations.

Here’s why top companies trust us with their full-time and contract hiring needs:

  • Access to Specialized Skill Sets: Locating tough-to-find talent just got a lot easier. Infusive Solutions maintains an extensive network of infrastructure professionals who look to us when making their next career move or learning about opportunities in the market.
  • Exceptional Communication: Our tailored approach to understanding your needs helps us accurately identify both technical and cultural fit. From the first interview to the first day, we keep in touch – ensuring a smooth process for both you and your new hire.
  • Flexible Solutions: Need to deploy a team of techs to complete a time-sensitive project? Want to try an employee on the job before adding the person to your team? Have an ongoing critical need, but no headcount? Engage one or more of our long-term consultants. You manage their time; we will take care of the rest.

Services We Offer:

Direct Hire

Infusive Solutions takes the time and guesswork out of hiring. With over 15 years of experience placing infrastructure professionals in the NY/NJ/CT market, we can help you shortlist highly qualified and interested candidates, so you can hire fast.


Assess our employees on-site for skill and fit before extending an offer of employment, eliminating the risk of a bad hire.

Contract Staffing

Add skilled IT consulting talent on demand to your team to handle demand spikes, complete projects on time and fill skills gaps as they arise.

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