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Sunday, Dec 15, 2013
While the job market is on fire for software developers, moving from a team lead-type position into software management can be a challenge. With that in mind, Infusive sought the expertise of certified executive resume coach Don Goodman to learn what characteristics on a resume would hook...Read More

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Infusive Solution's Hiring Checklist

Want to recruit and hire a talented, superior workforce? Our Hiring Checklist for employers helps you refine your process for hiring employees. Whether it's your first hire for a brand new company or an addition to a brand new department of your company, our checklist will help you keep track of your recruiting efforts.

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Four Areas of Focus for Your 2012 Employment Strategy

Your business employment plan should reflect the overall direction you want to take your company in the upcoming year.  Check out these four areas of focus when you’re putting together your employment strategy for 2012.

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The Rising Demand for Tech Talent

Dice’s report "The Rising Demand for Tech Talent" projects that the I.T. hiring market is steadily increasing as nation-wide employers move tech projects to the top of their "to-do" lists.

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Is Your Hiring Process Turning Your Potential Employees Away?

You have an open position and after an extensive search, you finally find the dream candidate. You excitedly offer the candidate the job… and then he or she declines. What went wrong? Find out here.

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Annual Dice Survey Sends Salary Warning

Staying motivated may be hard if you find you're not receiving the same salary as another professional in your field. Dice's Annual Tech Salary Survey Results show that 32% of respondents with tech jobs were simply "somewhat satisfied" when it came to their annual salary of approximately $86,000. Check out the details of the respondents' answers regarding their tech career salaries.

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Hiring Tips

In a corporate work environment (your IT department) there are several keys to help ensure your IT staff is running at its best. Learn how to keep your current employees happy and productive.

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Positions We Staff

Learn about the positions we staff and how to contact us if you are interested in hiring a new employee.

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