Windows Systems Engineering Jobs in New York City

Why Should Skilled Windows Admins, Engineers and Architects Work With Us:

describe the imageWe get it. If you're operating in this world, you're probably getting an avalanche of messages from recruiters. While we'd first like to help you evaluate what recruiters are helpful and which are useless, here's some brief insight into the Infusive value-add. But, no matter how eloquent the words that follow are, they're still just words. For a concrete illustration of what we can do for you, fill out the form to the left and we'll prove it ... in the least obtrusive fashion possible.

Customized opportunities: If you’re interested in evaluating job opportunities through an Infusive talent expert, the first thing we’ll do is learn about your values to tailor our services to your needs. Do you work best in a collaborative environment? We’ll help you find opportunities with a great team. Need a larger salary to support a family? We’ll find companies that can meet your financial expectations. Want a job based in Manhattan? We won’t send you out to gigs in Stamford. Our goal is to help Windows engineers achieve their professional goals rather than simply making a placement and collecting a fee. In short, we’re only successful when you’re happy. And no one is happy with a talent agent pitching them whatever generic job specs are in the queue.

Transparency: One of the biggest gripes with the recruitment business (rightfully so) is a lack of feedback. We know how frustrating it is to spend time talking with a recruiter, explaining your situation and updating your resume only to have the lines of communication quickly break down. With that in mind, we recognize it’s our responsibility to keep you in the loop every step of the way. So whether our clients provide us with positive feedback, negative feedback or none at all, we are commited to making sure our Windows engineering candidates are as informed as our talent experts … every step of the way.

Consultation: Regardless of whether you’re looking for a Windows engineering role or not, our team is always available to lend a hand. Whether you just want to see how the market is performing for your specific niche, get an opinion on your personal brand or discuss a strategy for career mobility, our talent experts will be happy to have a discussion … even when it won’t add to our bottom line.

Education: While others in our industry tactlessly make a placement and forget that candidate ever existed, our platform is built on continuous engagement and loyalty. That’s why we created a Windows engineering-specific resource center in which we provide information on the latest technologies in your vertical, thought leader interviews and strategies to stay optimally relevant as you progress through your career. And if we don’t have the answers you’re looking for, just ask. We’ll make it a priority to get them.

Geographic regions in which we place Windows engineers:

New York City - Jersey City - Stamford - Westchester - Long Island

Related Positions We Staff:

Windows, Wintel, Systems, Server, Infrastructure, Exchange, Messaging, Citrix, Storage, Virtualization, VMWare and Web Ops administrator, engineer and architect.

Who We Work With:

Passive job seekers: Even if you aren't thinking about a new position immediatly, we can help engaged Windows engineers expand their professional network and explore new opportunities to determine if there are better options out there.

Active job seekers: Whether your current job is overly rigid, you want to get back in the industry after a hiatus or need a superior working environment with better colleagues and technology, we can help Windows engineers actively seeking new jobs in the Greater New York City area get where they need to be.

Contract job seekers: The contract lifestyle can be very appealing to professionals in the Windows engineering world. As such, we're dedicated not only to full-timers, but those who prefer working project to project. Learn more about our IT contract jobs in New York City.

Recent Windows Infrastructure Placements:

Network Engineer - Finance

Lead Macintosh Engineer - Risk Management

Windows Systems Administrator - Financial Software