Technical Support Jobs in New York City

Why Work With Us:

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While many exciting new players are maturing in the IT landscape, Microsoft is still undoubedtly the top dog in the enterprise space. Consequently, as members of the Microsoft Partner Network, we've had great success placing support professionals into the huge volume of organizations in the Greater New York area running Windows shops.

At the same time, these opportunities still enable support professionals to work with the gamut of mobile technologies including iPhone and Blackberry phones so that your skills do not become constrained to a singular area.

Open, Honest Communication: It can be frustrating for a support professional to get into process with recruiters only to have communication fall flat after the wheels are already turning. In order to circumvent this issue, we're very honest with our support community and will be quick to explain if a position is perfect for you or if it would be a lateral or backward move. And when it comes to interviewing, we'll also be sure to maintain consistent communication so that you have the same degree of insight into your performance as we do.

People-Centric Process: Selfish recruiters are a pariah on the careers industry. This business is not about making placements for placements sake ... it's about helping talented technical professionals get from a bad or OK situation into one that's better. And the only way to embody that perspective is by providing opportunitites that make sense for your experience and your needs. If you'd like us to prove it, please do fill out the form to the left and we'd be happy to show you exactly what we're talking about.

Geographic Regions In Which We Place Technical Support Professionals:

New York City - Jersey City - Stamford - Westchester - Long Island

Technical Support Positions We Staff:

Desktop Support, Helpdesk Support, Executive Support, Tradefloor Support, Market Data Support, Mobile Support. We also place support analysts as well as team and department leads up to the Chief Technology Officer level.