SQL Server Jobs in New York City

Why Work With Us?

enjoy what u seeAn Agile Approach to Job Placement: The recruitment industry has many flaws that we proactively strive to fix. One of the worst offenses is in process ... staffing agents who ask for your valuable time to explain your background and revise your resume only to drop off when you want to know how your candidacy for new roles is progressing. 

That's not our style. So, we took a page out of the IT professional's book and adopted an agile approach to recruitment, taking incremental steps that keep SQL Server DBAs and developers both prepared and informed every step of the way.

That means taking time to understand not only your experience, but your personality and goals so that opportunities make sense for YOU rather than us.

It means we'll carefully prepare you for a specific interview process based on the experience of other candidates we've sent out and the expectations we learned from human resources or IT management.

It means ensuring you are as informed about your performance as we are and providing rich feedback on what you did right and where you fell short. 

It means setting expectations right from the start and helping position you for the career you love rather than simply getting you a new job. 

And that can't be done in a vacuum. It requires an iterative approach that's elastic and adaptable and we learned it from the best practices you exhbit with your code, your reporting and your data. For that, we thank you. 

People, not transactions: We've talked to hundreds of SQL Server candidates and when asked what they're looking for in a vendor, they want to be treated like people not transcations. 

That's exactly what we seek in our partnerships and don't see why there needs to be any compromise. You'll be treated like the unique professional you are with individual challenges, values and needs and provided with whatever services we have that fit those characteristics. And when we recognize an issue is out of our range, we'll let you know instead of stringing you along and hoping you don't notice.

Education for all: When other staffing agents realize a placement is not imminent, they might drop you like a hot potato. Not us. Even when we can't help place you, we are still always available for consultation and to provide educational resources that explain best practices for staying relevant and positioned for greatness even in the face of the skills gap and rapidly changing technologies. Take us up on it. We're not afraid to prove ourselves.


Where We Place SQL Server Specialists:

New York City - Jersey City - Stamford - Long Island  - Westchester


SQL Server Positions We Staff:

SQL DBA - Database Administrator - Data Analyst - BI Developer - SQL Developer, Engineer and Architect




Recent SQL Server Placements:

  • SQL Data Analyst - Fitness

  • Data Analyst - Mutual Fund/Asset Management