Software Development Jobs in New York City

How We Can Help:

IntegrityAn Agile Approach to Recruitment: We're fascinated by the agile software development approach. With progress measured across entire teams in small increments, this flexible approach enables errors to be fixed with greater efficiency and yields superior outcomes through consistent, collaborative interaction.

And considering the passion and enthusiasm our community has for the agile methodology, we thought it would be worthwhile to apply the very same principles to our recruitment strategies.

What does that mean for you?

Jobs that work for YOU, not US: While engaged in market research, our software development community lamented the fact that recruiters often try to push them into whatever jobs are in the queue, even if they have no alignment with the developers' professional requirements. 

We think that's a terrible way to do business and consequently, the first part of the process is to learn about you and what you value in your next opportunity. If we have something that jives with your skills and personality, excellent, we're happy to work with you. If not though, we won't try to shove you into the wrong job just because it helps us. 

We also have resources to help you best evaluate recruiters and vet the job opportunities they present.

Preparation and consultation: If you and an Infusive talent expert do decide to pursue on of our opportunities, then the next step in our agile approach is to prepare you to the best of our abilitites based on our experiences and the information passed down from IT leaders and HR.

We have all kinds of general interview advice for IT professionals and also partner with software development experts to explain best practices that dig deeper into the technical components.

And if you want to get really serious, we even have a promotional code from CareerCup that you can use for discounts on resume review and mock interview from bonafide experts employed by Microsoft, Amazon and beyond.

Nonetheless, if we determine that we don't have any jobs that match your needs at the moment, we're still happy to act as consultants to explain what we're seeing in the market or pointing you to our software development resource center.

Feedback in any circumstance: We are not fairweather partners. So, if we do work together and pinpoint an available opportunity that's right for you, we will be as transparent as possible with our feedback. That means whether we have good, bad or no news, we feel it's our duty to keep you as informed as we are.

Bottom Line: We understand that software developers are bombarded by staffing agents and it can be extremely difficult to weed out the good ones from the scrubs. Nonetheless, we have built a developer-centric platform that's all about the resources that serve you best and all we can ask if for a chance to prove our value-add and our points of difference. If you'd like to give us a test run, please do fill out the form to the right and we can get talking.


Where We Work:

New York City - Jersey City - Stamford - Westchester - Long Island

Primary Technologies We Work With:

  • PHP, ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, C#, SharePoint, SQL Server, Winforms, Webforms, HTML, MVC, Silverlight Javascript


Who We Can Help: 
  • Passive job seekers: Even if you're currently engaged in a full-time or contract software development role, we can help you evaluate the market to determine if there are other opportunitites that would help you achieve your goals with greater efficiency.

  • Contract job seekers: With the current technical skills gap, employers are turning to contract IT employees to round out their workforce needs. Among contract employees, software developers are often able to secure even greater seniority and compensation than their full-time colleagues and it would be our pleasure to work with you to see if our contract development opportunitites might be a right fit. Learn more about our IT contract jobs in New York City right here.