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Sunday, Dec 15, 2013
While the job market is on fire for software developers, moving from a team lead-type position into software management can be a challenge. With that in mind, Infusive sought the expertise of certified executive resume coach Don Goodman to learn what characteristics on a resume would hook...Read More

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Salary Satisfaction: Are you keeping your employees motivated?

Friday, December 24, 2010

In the face of nearly flat salaries for tech professionals – a one percent increase in average pay to $78,845 – technology professionals cited an increase in salary dissatisfaction, according to the 2009-10 Annual Salary Survey from Dice. Further, technology professionals were disappointed with efforts by employers to keep them motivated via non-compensation related incentives during the recession.

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PENCIL Project Crew

PENCIL Project

PENCIL is a non-profit organization originating in NYC. PENCIL has created various programs that inspire innovative solutions to the challenges facing public education. Infusive Solutions first got involved with the PENCIL organization in the spring of 2010 through their PENCIL Partnership Program. The PENCIL Partnership Programs builds and supports customized relationships between business leaders and principals to innovate and transform public schools.  PENCIL’s Partnership Program has helped thousands of business and school leaders develop unique, school-based collaborations that have a lasting impact on students, school communities, and school cultures.

Jeremy Harris at PENCIL Project

Infusive Solutions’ Jeremy Harris was motivated to be involved with the PENCIL Partnership Program by his wife’s career as a city teacher and his own desire to once become a teacher. Jeremy has always wanted to be involved with an organization that he not only enjoys working with, but also where he would be able to influence and impact participants.

Through the PENCIL Partnership Program, Infusive Solutions has partnered with other local NYC businesses to work with juniors and seniors of the Norman Thomas High School. During the first weeks of the partnership, Jeremy was given the opportunity to tour the school, which was helpful in gaining an understanding of the schools atmosphere. From meeting school officials and students, Jeremy and his PENCIL Partnership Program partner were able to create workshops for students that would be selected to be involved in the program. Some of the workshops that were created include:

  • Career days that exposed students to jobs in marketing, sales, technology and customer service interviewing skills and tips
  • Networking information
  • How to create a complete Linkedin profile
PENCIL Project

Each workshop provides valuable career advancement advice and exposure to the professional world. After the workshops are complete, the students are treated with pizza and desert while discussing what they learned and future opportunities.

Following a year of involvement, Jeremy received the Corporate Partner of the Year award from Norman Thomas School in June of 2011. Jeremy was given the award and honored at the senior class graduation. Infusive Solutions looks forward to continuing efforts with the PENCIL Partnership Program in the future. Continue to look back here for up to date information on how Infusive Solutions is getting involved with the community!

For more information about the PENCIL Partnership Program visit the PENCIL website at

Infusive Pencil Sessions 12.5.12

Photos of Infusive Solutions' marketing and IT career awareness sessions, presented as part of the PENCIL program hosted at The Grace Building on 12.5.12 in midtown Manhattan.

Infusive Solutions' Marketing Strategist Ben Weiss leads the marketing/PR career awareness PENCIL session