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The Microsoft Technical Professionals Network is a LinkedIn Group intended to aid technical professionals in sharing ideas, thoughts, suggestions and insight in regards to technical professions.

The discussions in this group cover a vast spectrum of topics including:

  • Job Interview Tips
  • Industry Trends
  • Technology News
  • Technical Hiring News
  • Job Market Updates

In addition to providing industry news and tips for professional development, participants are encouraged to ask questions relevant to the field and network with one another. Are you noticing an interesting industry trend? Do you think the demands of your profession have changed? Have an opinion about a certain business issue? If so, this is the perfect place to post your questions or comments!

Recent Discussions:

  • 2011 IT Employment Outlook: Higher Demand for IT Jobs

    An article on reports that “the IT job market for hands-on, highly skilled information technology professionals was picking up at the end of 2010, and IT employment for midlevel managers will do the same by the second quarter of 2011.” The article states that job...
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  • Growth in Tech Jobs?

    The Department of Labor has released its annual job forecast, The Occupation Outlook. According to the DOL, computer and mathematical science occupations are projected to add approximately 785,700 new jobs from 2008 to 2018. As a group, these job openings are expected to...
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  • 8 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Job Interview Techniques

    Finding information on the company and possible interviewers has become easier with the rapid increase of LinkedIn participation by companies and their employees. Here are some tips on how you can effectively prepare for an interview by researching your interviewers using...
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