What We Stand For

The Infusive Mission:

"Foster company and career growth one company and candidate at a time."

The staffing industry is in need of a renaissance. We’ve seen too many agencies lose themselves to self interest and it is our mission to hold ourselves to a higher standard and make a meaningful difference in our community one placement at a time.

The first step in recognizing that mission is embodying a quality over quantity philosophy. We take on a responsible volume of projects that we can see through to completion rather than overwhelming ourselves with more orders and candidates than could ever be properly serviced. With that perspective, we’re confident that we can make our lofty vision a reality.

The Infusive Vision:

"Create an image of the staffing industry that is viewed as a trusted partnership and an integral part of a company’s and individual’s growth."

We hold ourselves to the creation of a “you” centered business model, putting the needs of our clients and candidates before our own. Here are the values that enable us to embody our vision everyday.

Infusive’s Core Values:

1) Integrity  

The phrase “doing what’s right” means many different things depending on who you ask. Our goal is to always hold ourselves to our definition of what’s right, even when no one is watching us.

In our business, that means a fundamental dedication to maintaining a platform built on open communication, which we define as efficiently and honestly describing every aspect of a situation to all our collaborators. Regardless of whether that situation is positive, negative or neutral, we’ll always follow up on our commitments and deliver our messages with the same standard of professionalism regardless of the content.

2) Positivity

The staffing industry often presents a roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s foundational for us not to get flustered by obstacles though and stay constructive through all our difficult business dealings while embracing the positives.

That means focusing on lessons we can glean from negative experiences, brainstorming alternative solutions when others didn’t work out and of course, properly celebrating when things go right.

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