IT Contract Jobs in New York City

Why Work With Us:

describe the imageBased in the Big Apple: We understand the draw of IT contract work and concentrate our operations on New York City, which has one of the highest volumes of available IT contract opportunities in the country.  

Interest-Based Opportunities: If you’ve taken the IT contract route, odds are you know what you like and you know what you don’t. We’ll take the time to get to know you, your experience, your strengths and your passions to ensure we’re sending you out to those gigs you can really sink your teeth into.  

Get Your Proper Rate: We know just how much IT contractors stand to make in a hot market. With that in mind, we’ll only pitch opportunities where the comp is right. We hate wasting people’s time.

Transparent Feedback: As an IT contractor, your career can quickly become stressful once one contract ends. We get it and will make sure you’re as informed as we are regarding your performance with our clients whether there’s good, bad or no news. This way you’ll know when to get your hopes up, how you could improve and when to move on to the next opportunity.


Where We Place IT Contractors:

New York City - Jersey City - Stamford - Long Island - Westchester


IT Contract Positions We Staff:

Software Development - Database Administration - Technical Support - Windows Engineering/Administration/Architecture