Standard "Thank You" Letter

Click here for a standard "Thank You" letter to be used after attending an interview.

Join the Microsoft Technical Professionals Network

The Microsoft Technical Professionals Network is a LinkedIn Group intended to aid technical professionals in sharing ideas, thoughts, suggestions and insight in regards to technical professions.

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Are You Getting Paid Your Market Value?

Staying motivated may be hard if you find you're not receiving the same salary as another professional in your field. Dice's Annual Tech Salary Survey Results show that 32% of respondents with tech jobs were simply "somewhat satisfied" when it came to their annual salary of approximately $86,000. Check out the details of the respondents' answers regarding their tech career salaries.

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Hot Tech Skills in an Improving Job Market

According to Dice's "Skills Matter" Report, overall tech job postings on their site are growing by an average of 40% per year. Check out some of the technology field's skills that are currently in high demand.

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The Counter Offer: Opportunity or Risk?

A counter offer is a delicate situation which must be handled with the utmost care. More often than not employers offer counter offers to employees who they deem valuable and therefore shower them with all the things that were lacking in the jobs in the first place. It may be a raise, higher bonus, change of title etc. However the underlying truth to counter offers is still the same, it is something that comes too little to late, and is all too often too good to be true.

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Interview Tips

Have a big interview coming up? We have advice from the hiring professionals; preparation, presentation, punctuality and other invaluable tips.

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Join the Infusive Solutions Team

Infusive Solutions provides you the chance to work in a top growth industry that supports some of the fastest growing jobs. Help recruit for established clientele or focus on bringing in new business. Learn how to start a brand new, exciting career.

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