You Say Recruiters, We Say Problem Solvers

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We add value with our exceptional communication, efficiency and loyalty but you’ve probably heard that kind of thing from every other staffing agency you encounter. So instead, let’s look at a number of successful case studies from our experience that all started with these specific problems. If you've got an issue similar to any of the case studies listed below, please don't hesitate to reach out by calling 646.213.2000 or filling out the form to the left.

Problem 1: You’re Growing So Fast and Need More A-Players to Help Handle the Volume.


NYC IT Staffing Firm Infusive Solutions explains helping a client who needed bodies to handle increased business volume.


Problem 2: You’re Filling Roles You’ve Never Filled Before.


New York technical staffing company Infusive Solutions explains helping a client navigate a corporate reorganization.



Problem 3: You’re New IT Hire Didn't Work Out But Your Requirements are Still Urgent.


New York City technical staffing services provider Infusive Solutions explains assisting a client who chose a poor new hire.


Problem 4: You Need a Great Bench of Talent to Help You Maintain Your Position as an Industry Leader.


Infusive Solutions - a provider of technology staffing services in the Greater New York area - explains padding an international law firm's tech department with a strong bench of talent.


Problem 5:You Have Incredibly Specific Hiring Criterion.


Infusive Solutions - one of NYC's premier IT staffing companies - explains filling a job spec with very specific requirements.


Problem 6: Your IT Employees are a Critical Piece of a Major Branding Initiative


Long Island tech staffing agency Infusive Solutions explains helping a client secure the right talent for a corporate rebrand.