Here's some feedback from clients with whom we've done deals.

Michael M.

IT Supervisor, International Law Firm

Most Recent Placement: Senior Software Developer

We have worked with Infusive to fill positions here for a number of years. We always reach out to multiple recruiters, and Infusive stands out because they always send qualified candidates.   The Infusive team has consistently taken the time to learn about the skills we are looking for to fill each position, and this is reflected in candidates they send to us.  This is not always the impression I get from other companies.

In addition, they also make sure that they only submit candidates that have the specific qualifications we are looking for.  Just because someone has .NET on their resume doesn’t mean they have the experience that we need.  The candidates we get from Infusive actually know what they’re talking about. This saves time and adds considerable value to the recruitment process.

Sean M.

Director of Recruiting, Major Tech Startup, Manhattan

Most Recent Placement: Director of Product Engineering

Infusive was instrumental in finding, setting up and closing our new Director of Product Engineering.

I initially decided to reach out to [Infusive Partner] Jeremy Harris on the recommendation of a good friend who Infusive had previously placed as a developer and raved about the company’s dedication and service.

As an in-house recruiter, I like to have a few agencies I work with on a contingency basis for the no-stone-unturned mentality and was very pleased that Infusive seemed to have a deep relationship with every candidate sent out.

Moreover, the quality of the individual we ultimately placed was far above expectation. While the order was simply for an application developer, the candidate Jeremy sent out was identified as an excellent fit for a director role we created around his skill set and the results really went above-and-beyond anything we’d imagined.

The timeline was also impressive. Four weeks after the initial engagement we had an offer out for one of our organization’s highest-level roles.


Brian P.

Chief Technology Officer, Lean Financial Startup, Manhattan

Most Recent Placement: Lead Front End Engineer

I’ve had a long term relationship with Infusive that’s resulted in successful placements over several organizations. The first positive sign was that it was simple to get up and running with them … they made it easy to “sign up” so to speak. Once in process, the tenacity and flow from the Infusive recruiters was noticeable as well … in fact, the folks I’ve interacted with at Infusive made it feel like they were always working for me.

My contacts at Infusive also present a good candidate volume. A lot of recruiters inundate you with every possibility and I have to remind them that “we’re looking for X and Y, and this candidate doesn’t have X and Y.”

But with Infusive’s lean approach, I’ve been able to identify higher level talent rather than just your average developer.


Russell G.

VP of Technology, Digital Learning Firm, Manhattan

Most Recent Placement: Software Engineer

Through many successful placements over the last 13 years, Korey Wright and Infusive have been a pleasure to work with and real partners to our business.

The Infusive team has taken the time to understand who fits with our firm both technically and culturally, which is a product of both science and art. Korey has visited our office to contextualize what we do here and who we need to succeed, and I’m always confident in his ability to deliver not just good candidates, but the right candidates.

While the stereotypical recruiter throws everything possible against the wall to see what sticks, that’s the opposite of what I’ve come to expect from Infusive. Infusive values my time as much as I do, is available day or night, and only sends the highly qualified, pre-screened candidates I am looking for. I couldn’t ask for more.


Infusive Solutions, a technical placement firm in NYC, explains the value of hiring full-time employees.