Here are what some recently-placed candidates had to say about Infusive.

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Anshu A.

Recent Placement: Director of Product Engineering, Major Tech Startup, Manhattan

I got a call from Infusive when I was waiting to get a haircut and reluctantly started speaking with Jeremy [Harris, Infusive Partner]. A few minutes into the conversation I realized that it was very different from other recruiter calls.

It was a conversation and not the typical exchange with an automaton who tries to identify the keywords associated with a candidate and get off the phone. I had a long wait at the barber and we chatted comfortably during it.

Jeremy followed up in a few days, precisely as he had said he would. He always called at the time we’d designated and every time we ended up talking for a while discussing the position he was representing as well as my situation. I was impressed by how he handled the other offers I had on the table. In my experience, recruiters typically bad mouth options they’re not representing and try to push them out of the running.

Infusive didn’t go about it that way.

Rather, Infusive recognized each option had its own merit and rather than pushing them down, they proactively identified what could be done to make their option the best.

The typical method is condescending and repulsive. Infusive's method was far more effective and appealing. Rather than becoming a pushy sales guy, Jeremy became someone I could discuss my options with and figure out what would work best for me.

Most recruiters function as machines and keyword matchers but Jeremy engaged me with the quality I’d expect from a high-level executive recruiter. The difference between what I expect from most recruiters and what I’ve come to expect from Infusive is night and day.

I walked away from this experience thinking of Jeremy as my agent - someone I can count on in the future to help me find the opportunities that will work best for me. It’s a subtle value-add but it paid off significantly.



David L.

Recent Placement: Senior Systems Administrator, Major Asset Management Firm, Manhattan

Starting out, I completely HATED recruiters and was at a point where I wanted nothing to do with them. I tried three recruiters during my last job search prior to Infusive, and every single one of them was a nightmare. From trying to get me to lie on my resume, bombarding my poor unsuspecting mailbox with jobs well outside my career path (and adding me to several "lists" without my consent), to actually calling my former job's MAIN helpdesk number to follow up on my resume and contacting me last minute to see if I could dip out of my work, race across town and jump into an interview because a candidate didn't show up.  I think I basically had every bad recruiter experience you could dream up.
When I applied to Infusive’s ad, I had no idea Korey [Wright, Infusive Partner] was a recruiter. Once he got me on the phone he went straight into the interview questions. What I found interesting was that he paused after each question to let me know how I did. They were extremely low level questions which concerned me a little about the position, but figured it was just an initial screen.  

I had a really hard time deciding on whether or not to move forward once I found out he was a recruiter, but it was really his cool/calm "roll with the punches" demeanor that led me to go with it. He really communicated the perfect amount, wasn't overly assaulting with calls/emails and responded promptly to mine. I got to enjoy speaking with him and really felt like he was a friend that knew of a job he was trying to get me into rather than a recruiter - which is really impressive in itself given my disposition.
If I’m ever on the market again, Infusive is the first number I’m dialing.


Daniel C.

Recent Placement: DevOps Engineer, Specialty Insurance and Risk Advisory Firm, Manhattan

My relationship with Infusive goes back to June of this year.  A friend of mine had referred me to the firm and my portfolio was ultimately handed to Infusive Partner Jeremy Harris.

One aspect of our interactions that I really appreciated was the availability. Jeremy was reachable when he said he would be and also made time to speak after hours as well (even on a Friday night), which was helpful since that’s when I had more time to call him.

It was a stark juxtaposition to a recruitment firm I was working with simultaneously that wasn’t able to keep the balling rolling. It seemed like where Jeremy wanted to get me this position, this other company was in it for themselves.

The familiarity with the company I now work for was also a key factor in the successful relationship. It enabled an efficient negotiation process and Jeremy worked out a fair deal that was to my satisfaction.

He was on top of what they do, what I do and bottom line, the fit was spot on.  

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