Tech 'n' Turkey: Giving Thanks in IT

Posted by Ben Weiss on Wed, Nov 21, 2012 @ 12:11 PM

By: Murshed Chowdhury


Happy Thanksgiving from Infusive Solutions!

For many, it’s been a trying month. Hurricane Sandy has resulted in countless professional and personal setbacks for virtually everyone in the greater New York City area, and plenty of people are still in the process of recovery.

Nonetheless, even in the face of such an immense natural disaster, we still have plenty of reasons to give thanks.

Take the bustling IT job market for example. It’s amazing that while the rest of the country is hovering at around 8 percent unemployment that the technology industry is experiencing less than 4 percent unemployment. And that’s because tons of firms every industry is in the process of hiring IT staff. Just look at the data.

According to the October 2012 Dice Report, job postings for candidates possessing software development experience reached an all-time high of 14,616 as of October 1.

Additionally, AOL Jobs recently synthesized stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and employment data aggregator Wanted Analytics to determine that software engineers were the number two most in-demand professionals in the country for 2012.

And as we continue to watch employers hunt for candidates skilled in .Net, SharePoint, SQL Server and other Microsoft technologies, sweeping person after person into great new careers day-after-day, it’s clear that IT candidates have plenty to be thankful for.

But, what’s more is that the future looks just as bright. With bonuses coming up right around the corner, the November 2012 Dice Report found that a majority of the 912 tech pros surveyed expected an increase in their bonus this year compared to 2011.

Moreover, according to the Robert Half 2013 Salary Guide, IT professionals are forecasted to earn twice as much as the national salary average – an indication of how important it is for hiring agencies to secure the best technical talent available.

So, while we all have undoubtedly endured hardships over the course of 2012, looking into the future of our industry, we have plenty to be excited about.

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But, if you’re looking at this information and thinking that none of this applies to you, then that may be because you’re being undervalued at your current position. But, rest assured that with the ridiculously high-demand for a wide range of IT skills, you have many other options. And of course, we’re always here to help you explore a new career path that’s perfectly suited to your experience and more importantly, your aspirations.

And if you had any doubt about your options, here’s an article on why it’s never been a better time to explore an alternate job.

In any case, have a great Thanksgiving everyone and keep your foot on the gas going into 2013!

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