Halloween Costume Ideas for Tech Employees

Posted by Ben Weiss on Mon, Oct 28, 2013 @ 18:10 PM

By: Ben Weiss

With Halloween rearing its ghoulish head soon, citizens across the country are likely pulling together some last minute preparations for their costumes. But, before any of you tech employees out there decide on a generic costume for the company party, consider one of these creative costume ideas that reflects the flavor of work you do on a daily basis. 

1. Occupation: Level 1 & 2 Helpdesk Support
     Costume: Tommy Gavin from Rescue Me

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Professionals on the helpdesk are the firefighters of the IT industry. Just like Tommy Gavin (played by Dennis Leary) battles infernos as a member of the Ladder 62 Harlem Firehouse on the FX series Rescue Me, helpdesk support professionals are at the ready to put out whatever fires befall the desktops, the network or the server. So grab yourself a fireman’s helmet, some suspenders and insulated gloves and put out the blazes you encounter at work this Halloween with newfound attitude.

2. Occupation: Database Administrator (DBA)
     Costume: Tank from The Matrix

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DBAs are the men and women out there making sure that the integrity of a company’s database(s) remains intact, controlling installation, configuration, administration and ongoing maintenance. So just as Tank used his savvy programming skills to oversee his fellow crew members in the Matrix and protect them from ill fate, DBAs develop the strategies that protect a business’ data from encounters worse than a visit from Agent Smith.

So for the DBAs out there, bust out a low-cut shirt with some holes in it, put on a pair of cut-off gloves and throw on a headset and protect your company’s data from harm just like Tank would (well … if he knew SQL that is).

3. Occupation: Software Developer
     Costume: Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter

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Albus Dumbledore - the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - is a diversely talented and incredibly powerful wizard. With skills not only in casting spells but also in alchemy, transfiguration and dueling, Dumbledore is a most hallowed and respected professional.

Naturally, the best developers have a similar knack for creating complex results from scratch and addressing problems as big as Lord Voldemort with their vast knowledge of coding languages and software architecture.

So, with your well-manicured beard and flowing robes, head to work this Halloween with the confidence of a developer skilled in .Net, SharePoint, iOS, Java AND Unix, if only for one day.

4. Occupation: Network Engineer
     Costume: Chip Douglas (Jim Carrey) from The Cable Guy

chip douglas
Network administrators in the enterprise space are among the professionals that need to get their hands dirty with hardware. Whether its procuring hardware, rolling out updates, installing servers or monitoring network performance, network engineers need similar patience and attention to detail as the handy folks who wire our homes to function as we like.

With that in mind, network engineers might find it amusing to put on a blue jumpsuit and sport a brown toolbelt just like Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy this Halloween. At the very least, you can probably get away with being a little more eccentric than usual.

5. Occupation: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Technical Leadership
     Costume: Captain John H. Miller (Tom Hanks) from Saving Private Ryan

The Chief Technology Officer is the direct guiding force of a company’s IT platoon, deciding the new technologies to adopt, designing security plans, hiring IT staff and ensuring that the other technical professionals in an organization are working towards the group’s overarching goals.

So, this halloween, who better for CTOs to imitate than the noble Captain John Miller - company commander in Saving Private Ryan. All you need is some military fatigues and you can lead your troops through the technical trenches, steering them away from IT danger and onto steady ground.


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