The Resume That Will Move You from Team Lead to Software Manager

Posted by Ben Weiss on Sun, Dec 15, 2013 @ 12:12 PM

While the job market is on fire for software developers, moving from a team lead-type position into software management can be a challenge. With that in mind, Infusive sought the expertise of certified executive resume coach Don Goodman to learn what characteristics on a resume would hook the eye of a hiring manager seeking new software leaders. Read to the end to check out a detailed sample resume as well and should you need more tailored advice be sure to contact us or sign up for a free resume evaluation with Goodman directly.

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Before You Ever Start Creating the Document:

1) Remember Networking and Recruiters May Be a Superior Option Than Crafting a Great Resume When Considering Applying for Titles You’ve Never Held Before:

“The first thing you need to think about is, how are you going to get a hiring manager to look at your resume?” says certified executive resume coach Don Goodman. “If you’re applying over the job boards for a title you’ve never held before, you’re going to get outranked by those who have held those positions. So even if you’re totally qualified and you use the wrong job search techniques, you’re just not going to get very far. So the first thing you think about before even starting the resume is yes, I need to get my value proposition on paper, but then again I also need to understand that networking and working with selective recruiters may be my best option for getting in front of the right people.”

Make Sure You Have a Fighting Chance:

“You need to show that you have grown and that you have the qualifications for such a role,” says Goodman. “One of the things you want to show is how many initiatives you’ve been involved in. The guy who has run two projects and decides he/she wants to be the manager of application development is not going to get there as quickly as someone who might not have the right title but managed 50 projects over the last 5 years, many of them simultaneously, using best tools, methodologies and practices. Maybe he/she has run a PMO or been part of a PMO and knows the standards. You need to show that you have the scope and scale to qualify for this kind of position.”

While Creating the Document:

Goodman suggests these tips for effectively hooking interest in your candidacy as a software manager.

Nix the Objective Statement:

“Cut it,” says Goodman. “Use a professional summary instead. What people want to see is the profile summary, which is not a statement of what you want but a statement of what you offer … the skills and credentials that will enable you to do something for somebody.”

Seek Alignment:

“For position I’m looking at, what are the top things the hiring manager is looking for?” reminds Goodman. “Put yourself in the frame of mind of the hiring manager and think about how you’ve demonstrated the requirements. In other words, if everyone who has run a lot of projects were qualified for the manager or director level, then almost every subcontractor in the world would say ‘hey I’m a director.’ They’re not.

So it’s not just the number of projects you’ve done, but what you did to improve the processes, but how did you work with stakeholders to understand the requirements ... what is it you bring to the table?"

Show Results:

“Show quantifiable results including improved quality, decreased bugs and improved overall processes” says Goodman. “Did you change QA and reduce defects, did you introduce agile or SCRUM and reduce cycle times? Just saying you ran 2-3 projects will likely not be enough to get you into a higher level position.”

Show Business Understanding:

“Highlight functional business understanding of your industry to show you could act as a liaison to that user group,” says Goodman. “For example, generally when you’re doing project management, at some point you also get into business process re engineering or business analysis so besides talking about the technical achievements, also talk about how you documented workflows and also how you re engineered the business process and what that did to improve cycle times.”

How This Advice Plays Out in a Sample, Fictional Resume:

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